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Yoyo Loach Information

The YoYo Loach is a great addition to all community tanks or getting rid of any infestation of snails. They have bubbly personalities and enormous appetite. Find out more inside!

Bloodfin Tetra Information

With their crimson bloody fins, the bloodfin tetra will make a schooling fish stand out from all the rest. Find out more inside if these fish are bloody-good enough for your aquarium!

Panda Corydoras Information

The cute and cuddly Panda Corydoras are a great schooling bunch that will sift on your substrate for food particles. Learn more about Panda Corydoras inside!

Emperor Tetra Information

Looking for some royalty in your tank? Well the Emperor Tetra has the appearance of royalty without the pushiness of an aggressive fish. Check out more about the Emperor Tetra today!

Cardinal Tetra Information

The bright blue and red lines of the Cardinal Tetra are one of the most striking schooling fish in the freshwater hobby. Find out more inside if Cardinal Tetras are right for your aquarium today!

White Cloud Mountain Minnow Information

The White Cloud Mountain Minnow was thought to be extinct in the wild back in the late 1980's but today there are plenty of hobbyists raising and reproducing them in their home aquariums. Find out if the White Cloud Mountain Minnow is suitable for your aquarium.

Hillstream Loach Information

Got fast currents in your aquarium? Well the hillstream loach might be a perfect addition to your setup. These guys love to be active in fast flowing streams while sucking off all the algae under their little bodies like some sort of disappearing trick. Find out more inside about the Hillstream loach.

Discus fish Information

What's not to love about the Discus fish? They have stunning array of colors and are so peaceful swimmers in the aquarium. Learn more about these beautiful fish inside!

Swordtails Fish Information

Swordtail fish are probably known by everyone in the aquatic hobby but are they right for you? Check out inside all about swordtail fish

Royal Pleco Information

The beautiful linear stripes is what makes the Royal Pleco one of the famous fish in the aquatic world. Find out more about the Royal Pleco inside!