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Aponogeton Madagascariensis (Madagascar Lace)


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Aponogeton Madagascariensis (Madagascar Lace)

Overview: Aponogeton Madagascariensis is an aquatic monocotyledonous perennial plant with tube-like rhizomes up to 3 cm in diameter. The leaves are oblong in size which reach up 15 – 50 cm long and 5 – 15 cm wide. The length of the leaves can go up to 65 cm (including the petiole). The leaves usually settle underneath the surface of the water and will look like a skeletal network of veins with little tissue in between.

Size Portions: Madagascar Lace is priced per plant

Lighting conditions: Grows best in medium to bright light with about 600 Lux

Growth Length: The flowers are produced on a spike of up to 1 meter long, 20 cm of which is above the water surface.

Difficulty or care: Hard

Placement in an aquascape: Mid-ground.

Reproduction: Aponogeton Madagascariensis will reproduce through bulb separation. The roots should be allowed to develop and the immature leaves be cut before separating it from its mother plant.


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