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Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae


Size Portions: Cryptocoryne ‘Balansae’ is priced per plant

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Cryptocoryne ‘Balansae’

Overview:  Cryptocoryne ‘Balansae’, sometimes referred to as Balansae plant is a popular background plant. It features long and thin leaves with wavy edge and short stems. Cryptocoryne ‘Balansae’ is an amphibious plant which means that it can grow in and out of the water. When it is grown out of the water, it will take a more rounded shape instead of the usual wavy appearance. Cryptocoryne ‘Balansae’ is a great background plant for medium sized aquarium and will need regular maintenance to keep the leaves at bay.

Size Portions: Cryptocoryne ‘Balansae’ is priced per plant

Lighting conditions: Moderate

Growth Length: 10 – 15 cm

Difficulty or care: Medium

Placement in an aquascape: Background

PH: 6.5 – 7.5

Temperature: 72 – 82 F

Reproduction: Propagation is done by adventitious plants or by seed.

Growth Rate: Fast


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