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Bucephalandra Theia 3


Size Portions: Bucephalandra Theia 3 is priced per plant

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Bucephalandra Theia 3

Overview:  Bucephalandra Theia 3 is an aquatic plant that is currently gaining popularity in the USA. It is an endemic plant from Borneo which makes its rising popularity even more surprising. Bucephalandra Theia 3 is a pretty straightforward card in terms of care and maintenance. The leaves would display a color range of strong purple to dark green. Most of the leaves of Bucephalandra Theia 3 would display several shades of color which becomes stronger or lighter as it nears the rhizome.

Size Portions: Bucephalandra Theia 3 is priced per plant

Lighting conditions: Medium to Intense

Growth Length: 5 – 7 cm (stalk height)

Difficulty or care: Medium

Placement in an aquascape: Mid-ground to Foreground

PH: 6.0 – 7.0

Temperature: 72 – 82 F

Reproduction: Propagation is done by cutting and attaching the roots to rocks or driftwoods.


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