Sunday, March 29, 2020

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Why Ohko Stones?

Ohko stones or other known as Dragon stones are increasing popular rock for aquascaping. This is due to its inert properties as well as scale-like appearance, which creates a safe haven for shrimp and other micro-organisms. It is also a very light type of rock as well as easily breakable. Why is that a good thing? Well because breaking larger dragon stones into smaller pieces can help with more creativity or different shapes that you might have not gotten from the purchase. Other stones like Seiryu stones are very difficult to break apart.


One drawback for the Ohko stones is that with all the small crevices – build-up soil is typically buried into it and will need a thorough cleaning before placing it into an aquarium. Besides that, Ohko stones are a perfect hardscape.


Ohko stones are quite similar to each other in consistently and features. They have jagged edges that resemble somewhat of dragon scales. They are basically composed of hardened clay, which makes them very fragile which could be a good or a bad thing. They also don’t weigh very much which makes them very versatile in aquascaping like putting them into unique positions whereas other stones would fall over from the weight.

Aquascaping with Ohko Stones

With the distinct features the dragon stones show, they are typically used in Iwagumi style aquascape to show off their beauty. I’ve heard of hobbyist adding plants into the crevices of the Ohko stones but remember if adding them what they will look like once the plant is grown out. You don’t want it to overcome your hardscape. Some others like to break up the Ohko rocks into smaller pieces and create a wall barrier or use them for accent pieces with one or two centerpiece stones.


Ohko stones should be pressured washed (not too strong) with hot water to sterilize all parts of the rock as well as cleaning out all debris from the crevices. You may also want to use a bamboo skewer to clear out each hole by lightly swirling it; making sure not to punch a hole through it.

Make sure to securely place the Dragon stones within your aquarium. Rocks like these can possibly fall over and break glass or kill fauna if not secured properly.

Ohko Stones for sale

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